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Tearsheet's Acquire Talks 2023

2023 is proving to be a turning point for financial marketers. Unlike the yays and hurrays that marked early 2022, this year is all about financial firms buckling down and showing potential users just how useful their products are.


In Tearsheet’s Acquire Talks, we’re hearing from leading marketers at top financial firms to learn about how these companies are adjusting their marketing and branding activity to fit this new ecosystem. 


This year’s Acquire Talks are pre-recorded. Register for free to get each of the four recordings sent directly to your email.


The release dates are:

  • February 20

  • February 21

  • February 27

  • February 28 

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Tearsheet's Acquire Award 2023

Tearsheet's Acquire Awards are the financial industry's top awards program focused on marketing, customer acquisition, and growth. This generation's financial services and fintech companies are deeply focused on achieving scale, one customer at a time.

The Acquire Awards are intended to identify and celebrate the best customer-facing work in financial services.

The categories for this year’s Acquire Awards are as follows: 

  • Marketer of the Year

  • Marketing Team of the Year

  • Campaign of the Year

  • Agency of the Year

  • Most Creative Campaign

  • Best Content Series (B2B)

  • Best Content Series (B2C)

  • Best Product Marketing

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