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The Big Bank Theory 2024,
SMB edition

Sept 5 , 2024     

New York City

Build the next generation of SMB banking and payments

SMBs are the beating heart of our economy. The challenges and opportunities facing small businesses today have never been higher. Financial services will play a key role in the success of SMBs in years to come. 


Join Tearsheet and top senior banking and fintech professionals from across the industry for a full day of live workshops devoted to winning at SMB finance.


Be a part of our day-long IRL (In Real Life) group sessions moderated by Tearsheet, the top media firm dedicated to advancing financial services and creating better outcomes for individuals, businesses, and the industry as a whole.

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Why attend The Big Bank Theory?

Stay on top of a rapidly changing industry:


From customer acquisition to retention and delight, financial services for SMBs continue to evolve and it’s hard to stay on top of things -- let alone, spot where the opportunities are for your firm and execute well. 

We’ll hit all the big issues, including:


  • the state of the art in client acquisition/retention

  • building a deep understanding of SMBs’ needs and wants

  • new product development

  • partnerships, strategy, and differentiation

  • the role and emerging use cases of new payment rails such as RTP and FedNow in the SMB space

  • how FIs can assist SMBs with cash flow management

  • virtual cards’ role in the space

We deliver:


of our members from our working groups report finding our groups very useful.


report leaving our groups with a better understanding of their challenges 

Collaborate with peers at top organizations:

What better way to help move the ball forward in your professional life and organization than meeting with an all-star group of your peers to work it all out? Listen, share, contribute – magic happens when a bunch of experienced, smart people from different firms and parts of the industry join together to work on stuff.

New opportunities and challenges:

High interest rates and inflation are having a big impact on how FIs and fintechs are going to market, how they service their SMB customers, and how they’re going about acquiring new customers. Marketing a leading differentiated value prop is as essential as ever, particularly in a market where the bar has risen for great experiences. Participating in this group will make you and your firm more competitive.

Who is The Big Bank Theory for?

You're responsible:

If you're involved in product, tech, or general management with a focus on SMB finance, you’ll find this day of workshops extremely valuable. Beyond just boosting competitiveness, your active participation in these workshops will give you with actionable insights and fresh tactics to propel your organization forward, now and into the future.

You're motivated and can commit:

We encourage our participants to join fully. You should be open to sharing ideas and working stuff out with your peers. There's an investment of time and money for this event -- so you should be motivated to make the most of it. It matters and your full participation matters to your peers.

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Be part of the rapidly changing industry and stay up to date

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